It is our pleasure to present the 11th edition of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2015.‎


Each year, I eagerly anticipate the Festival team's presentation of their curated works and I have never been disappointed. In fact, I am often enthralled by the selected artists' thespian vision and creativity. This year is no exception.


The Festival’s theme – Art and Loss, prompts us to explore loss as an inevitable part of our human experience. Be it a child’s toy, a limb, someone close, or a change of environment, loss reminds us of the fragility of possession and temporal essence of our existence.  It thrusts change upon us, nudges us to adapt and in time, grow to let go. Join us as the works showcase and examine different interpretations of the relationship between Art and Loss, in the ways that are at once, poignant, enfranchising and unexpected.


I would like to warmly welcome the Festival’s new Artistic Director, Sean Tobin, who has taken over from long-time festival directors Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma. Sean is no stranger to the Festival as he was involved in its nascent stage and in recent years, presented his works which were well received. I look forward to Sean leading the Festival in his own passionate and inventive ways for years to come.


With 18 exciting works at very affordable prices, the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2015 promises not to make you feel a sense of loss; Come and be engaged, disturbed, to contemplate, reflect and walk away with a fresh take on Art and Loss.



Corporate Communications

M1 Limited