14 – 25 January 2015, 10am – 8pm

The Platform, Level 2

National Museum of Singapore


Biography of Artist


—Fringe Commission

—World Premiere

Fade… is an installation of a thousand iPhone images, representing the intimate, personal memories of photographer Tan Ngiap Heng. The images are hung in space like a cloud, like the memories suspended in our heads. Audience members are encouraged to take away and keep images that they like for themselves. This process of the installation disappearing is a meditation on how we lose our memories as we age.


For Ngiap Heng, the images on his iPhone are like an aide memoir. So many unscripted, immediate moments are taken on the phone and are the closest thing to his actual memories.


In 2010, Ngiap Heng's father suffered a stroke and has become more forgetful. It is his father's situation that prompted him to create the installation Fade...


Although he holds a doctorate in Engineering, Tan Ngiap Heng has been a full time photographer since 1999. In his career, he has been a sought after wedding photographer and an award winning corporate photographer. However, it is his love of dance and the performing arts that started his journey into photography, and that is now his main area of focus.


The work represents my personal memories. The act of the audience taking away images from the installation is a representation of the loss of memory.

Tan Ngiap Heng (Singapore)