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Ming Poon (Germany/The Netherlands/Singapore)








Please view the Festival’s statement about the withdrawal of Ming Poon’s Undressing Room and Thea Fitz-James’ Naked Ladies from the Festival line up here:

“Death is a stripping away of all that is not you.”

—Eckhart Tolle

Undressing Room is a one-to-one performance where the performer and an audience-participant execute a ritual of undressing each other in total silence.

It is an invitation to enter into a meditative space where we allow our “armours” and “masks” of our everyday life to be lifted off. As each layer of our protective “skin” is being slowly removed, we gradually restore our bodies back to their original and natural state. After undressing, we reach out and let our bare skins touch. 

Undressing Room touches on themes of desire, shame, power and intimacy. Stripping away is a painful process, but it can also bring about a radically new way of relating to ourselves and to others. When we are stripped of all our worldly appearances and pretences, our humanness may be the only thing that remains.  

This performance consists of a briefing, an interactive segment and a discussion with the artist. Audience are required to attend all segments. No refunds will be given for partial attendance.

Supported by Goethe-Institut Singapur


MING POON’S idea of dance is one in which there are no “dancers”, only bodies in a constant process of relating as they reach out, converge, meet and separate. To move is to relate.



“This work stems from a deep yearning to return my body to its original state. Through this work, I want to remove all the unnecessary things I put on myself, to get back into my own skin and face the condition of my bare and exposed body."

“To strip the body to its bare minimum requires trust and surrendering.  Exposing the full skin, raw and unrestrained, inevitably stirs up desire, shame and fear. It becomes a mirror through which I am confronted by my own sense of powerlessness, morality and values. Hidden underneath the skin’s outward vulnerability, I begin to feel its potential."

“The naked skin becomes a symbol of freedom and the act of undressing an expression of liberation.”

—Ming Poon